20022016: #the new essential & a little preview...

Buona sera a tutti !

Spring has officially started... I went out without tights for the first time this year, in FEBRUARY. Unbelievable, but that's Rome. Last week my iPhone thermometer told me 20°C, impossible but good anyway. Time to wear one of my new favorites for this season... THE CULOTTE. This model I found at Zara (the brand of my trust) for just 20€ ! #dealoftheweek
Sign No. 2 that spring has arrived, I got post from Poshtattoo ! So happy about it, for suuuuuure there will be a post online very soon, but let's keep the suspense a little, so this is just a preview...
Guess which sheet I got for this season ? A little clue: It's not silver, neither gold...

Un bacio,
Josi ;*

- outfit details -
SHOES Primark

PS: And yes, I love wearing head-to-toe-black.
PPS: My newest moodboard about Pre-Fall 2016's Trend: WHITE, but psssssshhh...

14022016: autumn-winter 2016 seems far and close...

Buona sera !

Do you know that feeling when you're pretty sure what you want to do and suddenly you start changing it because someone said something that really convinced you ?
I always wanted to work in the women's fashion industry and then in last weeks lessons one of my teachers explained me why she works for the men fashion industry, and for me it was more than comprehensible so that I'm thinking about it as well.
As a woman you always automatically judge female outfits and styles by your own personal taste. You can't ever see a female collection 100% from an objective point of view, as hard as you try. There always stays a spark of identification: Would I like to wear that dress ? Does the model look good ? Do I like the Make-Up ? And so on... 
Of course on the both hand it's necessary to have a strong opinion and express that and it's fun to see nice collections to identify with but on the other hand it's so interesting to see men collections, the elegance that can be created without a pink rouge dress and identify trends... That's what I did last week in a homework, here the result... (whole presentation, picture research, text, collages self-made, just saying :D)
As I have still 2,5 more years of university my decision can change every week but at least I consider not only the women's fashion industry but also the men's to work at in the future.

Much loooooove,
Josi ;*

PS: I never made posts about general trends but as I study Fashion now, I'm publishing some of my works here since they are part of my actual life. 
PPS: In the nexts posts I will write about my new favorite spring outfit and... surprise surprise I will present a new trend concerning accessory !

09022016: #carnival a venezia

Hellauuuu, Alaaaaaaf !

Carnival 2016 has reached it's peak and I experienced it in Venice this year. Anyway Venice is a beautiful city but during Carnival it's barely incredible how many nice costumes you can see on the street. I captured nearly every costume I saw, every second prepared to take a photo and made a selection of the ones I liked most.
Clara and me started our journey by train from Rome last Friday and we came back Sunday, an amazing weekend has passed and I can't believe that we took 388 photos with my camera (that doesn't include the Camera Roll of both our iPhones).
Our Bed&Breakfast ("Buona Notte Venezia") was on the continent but we easily reached the Island of Venice in 10 minutes, taking the bus which has much more organized system than the public transport in Rome, hahah.
As Clara and me both hate other tourists (:D) we loved to get lost in the very very tiny streets and alleyways of Venice and probably crossed almost every of the 500 bridges on this beautiful Island.
The architecture, the water streets and the fact that there are no cars makes this Island an incredible and unique place that everybody should at least have seen once in his or her life. 
It was my second trip to Venice whereby I have to admit that I don't remember too much of the last one as I was about 8 years young...
Let the pictures tell their own story because there's a huge difference between reading and seeing, specially when you talk about beauty and architecture...


PS: I made some Collages because as always I had some difficulties in choosing the right pictures of 388+. At the end it anyway became a photobomb...
PPS: Of course I also bought a mask, but it was very hard to find because the offer is huuuuuuuuuge ! Millions of variations but I found the perfect one for me, fur sure one of the more expensive, hahah. Better one expensive piece than various cheap ones...
PPPS: Here as well my Clip about the journey Impressions Venice

- costumes -

- iPhone outtakes -

- this cat was soooooooo cute that I had to enter the shop just to cuddle her, that's me -