26012016: #laBELLEZZAdiroma

Buona sera a tutti !

It happens to everybody, being angry about something or annoyed by somebody or just in a bad mood. In this case I just remind myself about the fact that I'm living in one of the most beautiful cities in the world: ROME. Mostly sunny, blue sky and full of inspiring old buildings. Last Wednesday I went a little bit earlier to School and recorded my way to school in pictures. Of course I made an extra round along the Tevere, but in general it reports quite well my way to school. The only thing that you can't see in the pictures is the frostiness, but despite of this the pictures literally reflect the reality in its colors.
What else ?

Ci vediamo, un bacio ;*

PS: What I love about Italy and hate about Germany as well is the sale situation. In Italy it's quite similar to America. Special dates when the sale starts and with sale I mean SALE. Last Saturday I went to Porta Di Roma (a shopping-center) with a friend and it was barely amazing, how cheap all the things were... Outfit-Posts will follow...

- jeans topshop, shoes TkMaxx, shirt H&M, bag Michael Kors -

- that school building <3 -

- Roman Parking -


- Building of Metro C, endless project ( Italian Way :D) -

- I love those trees -

- there I am (right shadow :D) -

- my way to school - Metro B COLOSSEO -

16012016: #overthinking

Hi everybody !

I hope you're all doing well.
My week was quite eventful as always and I don't know why but right now I'm overthinking. Thinking about every step I make, every word I say, every look I wear, every day that passes.
Actually it doesn't suit me at all, normally I'm the most spontaneous person ever but my mind literally is almost exploding caused by thoughts about the future. 
In school it went quite nice this week and I got back the goal I almost forgot about in the last month.
Starting the new semester after the first assessment means as well new subjects. For example: Fashion Writing & Editing. I'm so happy about this because that was the actual goal I had and have but I nearly forgot about it: Becoming a Fashion JOURNALIST. Traveling, being stressed all the time & under time pressure, but write, judge and recognize tendencies, that's what I want.
One of the most transcendental moments of the week was when we watched this video in class.
One word: confidence. That's what she got.
Here my favorite outfit of the week (for details scroll down).

PS: Since I came back from the hairdresser last Saturday I only leave the house with braided hair, hahah, it's literally so short. In actual fact I only cut them because the tips were broken allover but in general my plan is to let them grow (a life-time-project, for sure.)

PPS: Changes over changes. As you may have noticed I renewed the Blog Layout & Design. Does it fit and feel comfortable to visit the homepage like this ? Feel free to give me a feedback.

I wish you all a great rest weekend !
I'm having back my beloved flu a little, hope to be 100% fit very soon.

Un bacio,


- outfit details -
black knitted dress H&M
shoes topshop
rings primark
bag & poncho flea market

13012016: #christmas holidays in germany

Hello again (from the other side back in Rome, hahah !)

As I told the whole story about my Christmas holidays 2015 already in the last post, here just a big photo bomb.
I guess the photos tell their own story.

Some more impressions about the holidays you can find on my instagram account. (@josiyyy)

See you soon, a big kiss ! <3

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2. christmas



3. silvester (NYE)