29112015: #calvinkleinparty & #happyfirstadvent

Happy first advent, buon primo avvento a tutti & einen schönen ersten Advent wünsche ich euch !

I can't believe how fast the time passes by this year. It feels like I just came back from my summer in Crete and now I'm already 71 days living in Rome... incredible.
Last week arrived two supersweet packets from Germany. My mum realized the impossible and sent me christmas decoration and a self-made advent calendar to Rome. I'm so looking forward to open the first present on Tuesday ! A huge thank you again, mum ! <3 
Today I decorated my room a little and while doing so I listened to the Christmas Radio to get the right Christmas feeling. The pictures of the result are attached in this post of course ! :>

Here in Rome it's getting cold as well right now, so for sure I already started to freeze, too.
Up to now I still didn't succeed in finding a place on earth where I never feel cold, hahah.
However, in actual fact I just wanted to start telling about my first Fashion Party in Rome last Friday.
The #calvinkleinjeans party in the Quirinetta in the centre of Rome.
I went there together with Clara and we had a lot of fun, especially during our pre-party-photo-shooting in her appartment. Well, let's let the pictures tell their own tale.

That's all for now, have a great first advent Sunday with your family and friends. Christmas is the time of love ! :)

PS: I as well uploaded the pictures of my first own Editorial that is about the season spring and what     it signifies. It doesn't fit to the general Christmas mood right now but the next spring will come, anyway !

- My special kind of advent wreath -

- Glitter everywhere -

- Hello ! -

- First Candle is on; I love the card my parents sent me <3 -

- Buon Giorno Gatto ! -

- L O V E -

- lucky us that the iPhone 6 camera has a front-camera-flash, hahah -

- Roma notturna -

15112015: #zaralove

Buongiorno carini !

Winter is coming soon... as well here in Rome. Of course not as fast as in Germany but the nights are already quite cool here.
And for sure we need a favorite piece for the winter which does not only look good but also keeps you warm.
This year my favourite one will definitely be this zara duffle coat ! <3 [Anyway I have to admit that Zara keeps staying the brand of my trust right now, I could by everything whenever I enter the store, specially the 4-floors-store in Via del Corso in Rome. Then while taking more and more clothes to the fitting room suddenly my purse screams nooooo, hahah!]
Back to the topic: I really fell in love with this duffle coat with the big FAKEFUR collar. Yes, it ist fake, and I wrote it in capital letters, because I would never buy in my entire life a jacket with fur. I'm really into the fashion business right now regarding my field of study and at this point I really want to say that from my point of view it ist so sad that still so many people didn't realize how horrible fur is ! I would also like to appeal to all people, please, don't buy fur. Watch a video about fur production and realize that within wearing fur you wear a dead animal. I don't get it, how people can wear fur...This I had to say right now.
Well, actually I saw this coat it already in August in Germany and wanted to have it.
After 5 or more times of seeing it again here and Rome I could not resist anymore to buy it, hahah.
I just love this jacket !

To show my new favorite piece I wanted to present it in a different way than just with photos and so consequently I decided to produce a fashion movie, what actually perfectly fits to the topic of one of my school subjects right now. By the way a big thanks to my lovely actress, the neighbour's cat, who made an excellent job, even if her role wasn't planned at all...
In the lessons of "Fashion Photography" we at the moment talk about fashion movies, the undefinable species of showing a product or selling a brand but sometimes there even doesn't exist the brand in the movie. A lot of interpretation and at the end we still ask ourselves: "COSA È UN FASHION MOVIE?" - "È TUTTO E NIENTE."
(Translation: what is a fashion movie ? - It's everything and nothing at all.)
About my movie, for sure there is a clear product, so keep relaxing, you don't have to interprete to much while watching it ! ;>

Enjoy your sunday, in Rome it's a sunny one of corse, as always ! <3

04112015: #ROMANnovember

Buona sera a tutti ! <3

Allora, oggi scrivo in italiano. Scherzo, hahah, certo che no ! Ancora...
Well, first of all, happy November ! I can't believe that this year is nearly over, it just has started ! 
Soon it's already Christmas... Here in Rome it even more feels less like winter because in the sun it's still 20° C and you can sit outside wearing just a top. 
However, my third week of school started yesterday and things go very well ! Finally I can learn about things which really interest me... fashion, photography, design, communication, editing & co. ! It's much more easier to motivate yourself for doing a homework about a topic that anyway would have interest you ! Along the way I'm studying Italian and try to speak as soon as possible.
What really made me tick this week are two things.
First of course the H&M Balmain Collection ! I love it ! 'Til now I used to deem those women who wait in cues since 6 a.m. in front of the H&M stores for the limited collections (Alexander Wang, Isabel Marant,...) crazy but right now I would actually do the same for the grandiose collection of Balmain (if I had enough money...). But anyway, I love black dress with the golden embroidery and as well the free sequin dress ! Perfection in a dress !
The second spotlight for me was the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Casting and Model selection. For me it's a real important event in the year, I don't know why, but I just love it and my biggest dream that I ever had/have/will have is to be in a Victoria's Secret Show in the future ! Let's see where the future will lead me...
Back to the actual post: Today's outfit is like a late summer mood jumpsuit, but as we are in Rome still wearable in November, hahah ! [links to shop at the end as always]

PS: I finally also established my YouTube account right now. Those are my first three videos I published. One of them, quite long I know, is my Scholarship Project about Fashion & Costume, which I created this summer ! Have fun while watching ! :>

See you soon, un bacio !
Josi <3

Flower Jumpsuit, Plateau Shoes & Ring H&M
Ethno Clutch Primark
Jacket with leather-look-like sleeves Stradivarius

25102015: #oneweek7styles

Salve !

It's time again for an update about my first week, better in pictures than in words, because it's quite hard to describe. Well, first of all I got surprised on the first day of school because my course is not taught in English at all. Due to the fact that unexpected I'm the only international student in my course, they decided to make it in Italian, I now got something like a personal translator, hahah.
Actually it's not funny at all but I have to keep up with the situation and so: "veni, vidi, vici" !
Anyway I want to learn Italian but that is a process which can't be made in a few days and so I have to improvise. 
My course is very nice and funny even if I don't get the jokes most of the times, hahah !
However, here the outfits of the last adventurous seven days...

Ci vediamo, baciiii ;*


- Day 1: Destroyed Start into the new week, Jeans Topshop, Parka Zara -

 - Day 2: Black & White says it all, 
Shirt & fringed Cardigan Pull&Bear, Statement necklace Stradivarius
Basic leggings GinaTricot & Plateau Shoes H&M -

- Day 3: Urban chic, Skinny Jeans, Hat & Stripe-Shirt H&M, Shoes Primark
cape & ring Fleamarket New York City, hahah -

- Day 4: I love fringed & black clothes, cardigan & leggings GinaTricot -

- Day 5: Bohooooooooo-time, Jacket Zara, new backpack Bershka, Jeans H&M -

- Day 6: Casual City Trip with Jeans Shorts H&M & Jacket Primark -

- Day 7: Sunday Running Time, Shoes Nike, Pullover Bershka & Sporttop H&M -

- ciao, ciao ! -